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Performance Rider

All terms and provisions contained herein, are integral and binding parts of PAPA's Performance Agreement.

A) ADVERTISING: If this is an "open to the public" event... PAPA DOO RUN RUN's name and/or likeness will appear in all ads connected with the event(s) named in the agreement, in the first position and 100% size.

B) TRANSPORTATION / ROOMS: If air transportation is a provision of the agreement, unless otherwise indicated, PAPA will make their own travel arrangements and upon approval will invoice purchaser for such travel. If purchaser is to provide tickets, flights must be upgradeable, and changeable without penalty, on UNITED, AMERICAN, OR DELTA ONLY. Costs will include all taxes and fees. Flights with total travel time over 5 hr. duration must be First or Business Class. Flights under 5 hrs. may be Coach Class, but must be upgradeable. Unless it is absolutely necessary, PAPA will not fly on "red-eye" flights.  All mileage points accrued will be the property of the individual flyers. All flights must be to and from locations and at times convenient to PAPA.

If HOTEL ROOMS are a provision of this agreement, they must be prepaid (including all taxes, required gratuities, parking, etc.), located at the venue hotel, and reserved under the individual names of the band and crew. Early check-in and/or late check out may be required. Non-smoking, king single rooms should be reserved for the following:

Band: Don Zirilli, Jim Rush, Bob Gothar, Adrian Baker, Edward Fox, and if available, Jeffrey Foskett.
Crew: Al Nassar and Bob Busch. (These 2 names may change from time to time).

If GROUND TRANSPORTATION is a provision of this agreement, it must be either a 12-15 passenger air-conditioned private van, or 2 mini vans, or 2 limos, with English speaking drivers. Said transportation will display a sign denoting "PAPA DOO RUN RUN", and will meet band members and crew at the baggage claim for their particular flights.   If for some reason, performance venue and hotel are not one and the same, then ground transportation must be provided between the two, at times convenient to PAPA.  (Optionally, PAPA may rent 2 minivans and invoice purchaser).

See contract for per diem applicability.

If reimbursement for plane tickets, hotel, or ground transportation is indicated, it will be immediate upon receipt of invoice. Reimbursements and per diem are not subject to any agency commissions.

C) ACCESS TO VENUE: A clear access to the load-in area is required at least FOUR (4) hours prior to the time the audience is to be admitted. If catered equipment is indicated, check with rental companies for required access time. Delays in starting performance due to failure to provide clear access is purchaser's sole responsibility.

If load-in area is a soft deck (gravel, lawn, sand, etc.), purchaser will provide a plywood walkway 1" thick x 36" wide the entire length of such soft deck. Lights in the loading and stage areas shall remain ON until load-in/out is complete

Purchaser will provide parking at the venue, as close to the stage as possible, for the equipment truck (30'L x 8'W x 12'H), and up to six additional vehicles at no cost to PAPA.

Loaders, technicians, and sound/light personnel will work under the direction of PAPA's crew chief. Lack of cooperation and nonprofessional attitudes, will not be tolerated. Purchaser is responsible for procurement of any required union loaders, and/or technicians, and their compensation due, when required.

PAPA and their accompanying personnel shall be allowed COMPLETE ACCESS to stage, backstage, and performance areas. If necessary, purchaser will provide back stage passes, badges, or other identification to allow access.

D) DRESSING ROOM: Purchaser will provide a separate private dressing room (or motor home), with electrical outlets, and comfortable seating for 10 people, near the stage. It should be made available from load-in thru load-out, and be a no smoking area. In most hotel situations, an additional sleeping (or hospitality) room, or nearby meeting room (preferably with bathroom facilities) will serve as a dressing room.

E) REFRESHMENTS: Purchaser will provide refreshments for the band and crew (10 people total) from load-in thru load-out. At load-in: a CASE of Calistoga, Crystal Geyser, or other non-sparkling bottled water, is required at the stage. At sound check: (or two hours prior to doors opening, whichever comes first) catering is required in dressing room or other suitable area. Suggestions include: A hot meal - chicken, fish, pasta or other low fat hot entree (no red meat please), salads, fruit, veggies, desert items, soft drinks (please include caffeine-free beverages), juices, coffee (cream & sugar), water, ice, cups, glasses, plates, and utensils. Please avoid deli-trays unless there is no other option. The band would rather have a few  pizzas and a bucket of chicken than another deli tray.  REFRESHMENTS ARE TO REMAIN IN THE DRESSING ROOM AREA UNTIL LOAD-OUT IS COMPLETE.  

F) STAGE: The stage is to be a sturdy, single level platform, 20'D x 40'W x 2'H (optimum) or 16'D x 32'W x 2'H (minimum). A carpeted drum riser (8' x 6' x 2') is recommended at center stage. 10 cloth towels, and a case (12-1.5L bottles - or 24-0.5L bottles) of Calistoga, Crystal Geyser, or other non-carbonated bottled water are required on stage at load-in.

The stage is to be set, in place and free of encumbrances when the crew arrives for load-in. PAPA's band gear placement will take first priority over decor, podiums, opening acts equipment, etc. Any delay in starting performance due to incomplete staging is purchaser's sole responsibility. If there is to be a dance floor, it is to be centered, directly in front of the stage, with no obstruction (tables, decor, etc.) between stage and dance floor.

If necessary, purchaser will provide electric fans, and/or heaters on stage to assure that stage temperature does not rise above 105 degrees F nor fall below 45 degrees F. If temperature exceeds either limit, PAPA will have the option to postpone, cancel, or curtail their show, with no effect to compensation. A "rain date" may be arranged.

Storage for equipment cases is required. It should be a 15' x 15' area, near the stage and out of sight of the audience. If stage is outside, purchaser shall provide plastic covers to cover all equipment and stored cases. A roof or cover over the stage area is recommended. Weather damage to equipment and stored cases, including but not limited to rain, wind, snow, hail, and excessive heat, is purchaser's responsibility.

G) POWER REQUIREMENTS: PAPA requires a POWER DROP BOX supplying at least eight (8) 20 AMP outlets @ 115V AC each, all on separate circuits, for PAPA's exclusive use. Power failure, delays in performance, and/or damage to equipment or personnel due to faulty electricity is purchaser's sole responsibility.


1) COMPENSATION will be paid in U.S. dollars, in cash, or certified or institution check, payable to: PAPA DOO RUN RUN, and DELIVERED to Don Zirilli (leader- keyboardist) in a sealed envelope, at, or immediately PRIOR TO PERFORMANCE. Agency commissions (if any) will be paid within 7 days after the event, after the balance due check has cleared. Overtime compensation will be invoiced, and is due upon receipt of invoice.

Overtime compensation will not be subject to any agency commissions, unless the agent is present to negotiate the additional time.

2) Please designate one person to be a liaison between band & client.

3) Please have a time schedule ready when the band arrives. Unless specified otherwise on the face of this agreement, PAPA's show will be 120 performance minutes in length (not including breaks). Recommended set lengths are: (minutes) 60/60, 30/90, 30/60/30, 40/40/40, 30/30/30/30. PAPA will not perform longer than 100 consecutive minutes (90 min. show + 10 min. encore) without an intermission. Overtime, when applicable, will be billed on a pro-rata basis, based on the performance fee on the face of the agreement.

4) NO MIMES! Mimes, jugglers, unicyclists, and other circus type acts are to be kept off the dance floor, and at least 50' from the stage during PAPA's performance. The same goes for beach balls, Frisbees, and other flying objects. Damage to personnel, equipment, fixtures, clothing, glassware, etc. due to flying objects, is purchaser's sole responsibility. Additionally, carnival type games, Karaoke booths, and other attractions are to be positioned at least 100' from the stage, and will not interfere with sightlines, or be audibly distracting from PAPA's show.

5) NO LIMBO! PAPA DOO RUN RUN will not perform for, or during a "limbo contest".

6) PAPA DOO RUN RUN is a 60's / 70's rock band and does not play "dinner " or "background" music. Please do not ask the band to play quietly as guests enter and have dinner. Unless the event is a "dinner show", PAPA will not perform while guests are still eating. Taped or CD music will be provided if requested.

7) Stage sharing: If PAPA is to share the stage with another act, DJ, awards ceremony, etc., PAPA's equipment shall have first priority in stage position, and will not be moved without PAPA's permission.

8) NO SURPRISES! Please don't surprise the band with opening acts, comedians, Elvis impersonators, or other entities which will require stage and/or PA system access. Additionally, PAPA does not make announcements during their show. Save them for intermission.

9) Preshow and intermission music, as provided by a DJ, opening act, or sound company, will not include any songs on PAPA's current play list (provided at the event). If a DJ is to be used at the event, he will be positioned off stage. DJ will not use any of PAPA's sound equipment, speakers, wires or electricity particular to PAPA's stage, without PAPA's permission.

10) PAPA shall retain the sole, exclusive right to merchandising and the moneys derived there from. This includes, but is not limited to: t-shirts, records, tapes, CDs, posters, pins, hats, etc. Unless requested by purchaser, PAPA will not offer merchandising at private, or corporate events.

11) The performance will not be recorded or transmitted without the prior consent of PAPA. Purchaser has the right to videotape PAPA's performance for in house use only. Purchaser will supply a copy of the unedited video to PAPA at no cost to PAPA.

12) Purchaser will provide adequate security for personnel, stage, back stage, and parking areas. Purchaser will not allow stage access to audience members. Purchaser is responsible for loss, or damage to equipment, personnel, or vehicles due to inadequate security, or an unruly audience. Purchaser will be responsible for any insurance coverage (liability, workers' comp., etc.) naming PAPA DOO RUN RUN as additional insured.

13) PAPA retains the right to add, subtract, or change band members and crew without notice.

14) Cancellation of this event due to acts of nature, illness, epidemic, death, strikes, war, transportation, venue maladies, or terrorist acts or threats will not effect any compensation due PAPA. Any "rain date" will be negotiated and written apart from this agreement. Purchaser is encouraged to secure "rain insurance" to cover such cancellation. 

15) The agreement may be rescinded by either party, without cause, by submission of written notice to the other party, not less than 30 days prior to performance date. If purchaser is rescinding party, deposit (or 50% of total compensation if no deposit is indicated, whether it has been paid yet or not) will be forfeited. If PAPA is rescinding party, all moneys paid prior to the date of cancellation will be refunded. If purchaser cancels within 30 days of performance, FULL compensation, including any reimbursement due PAPA, will be due and payable on the date of such cancellation.

16) Should there be a disparity between PAPA DOO RUN RUN's performance rider or technical rider (when applicable), and that of another entity (i.e. other act, venue, sound company, etc.), PAPA's rider will take precedence.

17) This agreement shall be bound by the laws of California. If an attorney is retained for the purpose of collecting compensation agreed to herein, or for any other litigation concerning PAPA DOO RUN RUN and the event herein, purchaser agrees to pay for the reasonable cost of such attorney's fees.

For more information, contact: Don Zirilli (408)257-2533 /

Technical Rider

(Note: Sections B, C, D, and E only apply to "catered" gigs, (usually only at events which take place OUTSIDE of California, Arizona, and Nevada) where PAPA is NOT supplying their own lights, sound, monitors, and stage gear.  Section A is applicable at ALL events.)

Please have the equipment provider contact Don Zirilli - 408-257-2533 -
to confirm these requirements.  Thanks you.

All terms and provisions contained herein, are integral and binding parts of the PAPA DOO RUN RUN Performance Agreement. All staging and equipment is to be provided, as specified. DO NOT MAKE ANY SUBSTITUTIONS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS CONSENT OF PAPA DOO RUN RUN. Should there be a disparity between PAPA DOO RUN RUN's technical rider, and that of another entity (i.e. other act, venue, sound company, etc.), PAPA's rider will take precedence.

A) STAGE & POWER: The stage is to be a sturdy, single level platform, 20'D x 40'W x 2' to 3'H (optimum) or 16'D x 32'W x 2' to 3' H (minimum).. A carpeted drum riser (6' x 8 'x 2' - minimum) is recommended at center stage. If PAPA is sharing the stage with another act, and the keyboards need to be moved, then a 6'x 6'x 6" rolling riser is also required. Seven cloth towels, a case (24-16.9oz (500ml) bottles) of Crystal Geyser, Calistoga or other non-carbonated water are required on stage at load-in.

The stage is to be set up, in place, and free of encumbrances when PAPA's crew arrives for load-in. PAPA's band gear placement will take first priority over other acts, decor, podiums, etc. Any delay in starting performance due to incomplete staging is purchaser's sole responsibility. If there is to be a dance floor, it is to be centered, directly in front of the stage, with no obstruction between the dance floor and stage.

Storage for equipment cases is required. It should be a 15' x 15' area, adjacent to the stage and out of sight of the audience.

If stage is outside, purchaser shall provide plastic covers to cover all equipment and stored cases. Weather damage to equipment is purchaser's sole responsibility.

PAPA’s band gear will require a POWER DROP BOX supplying at least three (3) 20 AMP (Edison) circuits @ 115V AC each. PAPA's sound system and lights will require an additional five (5) 20 AMP (Edison) circuits @ 115V AC.  Catered equipment (sound system, and lights) may require more power. Check with the rental company(s) for their electrical requirements.  Power failure, delays in performance, and/or damage to equipment or personnel is purchaser's sole responsibility. 

B) LIGHTS: 4 light trees (or a front and back truss) are required with at least 8 multi-colored par 64 (or larger) spots per tree (32 instruments total). Suggested colors include: red, pink, violet, turquoise, yellow, and blue. Dimmer board or controller is to be positioned at the sound console. Smoke or light fog is recommended.

An experienced L.D. is required.


C) SOUND SYSTEM: A quality sound system is critical to PAPA's performance. PAPA requires a sound system consisting of a minimum of the following:

1 - 32 channel mixing board (minimum), with 3 band eq., 2 effects sends, 8 sub-mixes, and a stereo house mix. House board is to be positioned in line with center stage, at least 75' but not more than 150' from the front of the stage.  A knowledgeable operator should be available, however, PAPA’s tech will mix PAPA’s show.

1 - 32 channel snake. Snake must be covered with a runner or taped securely to the floor.

2 - 3-way speaker system (including 18" subs) suitable for venue size (EAW, TURBOSOUND, JBL preferred) with  appropriate cabling, power amps, equalizers, and crossovers.

2 - Yamaha SPX 90 (or equivalent) digital effects processors.
(1 for reverb on snare and toms - small room 2.2 sec.).
(1 for echo on vocals - stereo echo 220 ms @ 30% left / 250 ms @ 30% right).

1 - Quad noise gate (Gatex preferred) (to gate undesirable ring from drums).

1 - Dual compressor/limiter (compression on stereo house mix) (DBX preferred.)

3 - Direct boxes (bass and keyboards L & R).

18 - Microphones and stands as per attached MICROPHONE INPUT SHEET.

4 - 6 outlet power strips supplying 20 amps @ 60 cycle/115V AC for stage gear.

1 - Cassette deck or CD player for pre-show and break music. A selection of music appropriate to the theme of event is required.

D) MONITOR SYSTEM: PAPA DOO RUN RUN features 4 part harmony and requires a high quality stage monitor system. 8 mixes into 10 wedges are required. See stage plot for monitor placement.

1 - 32 channel mixing board (for monitors) with at least 8 mixes. Monitor board is to be positioned at stage right. An experienced operator should be available to mix PAPA's monitors during the sound check and show.

10 - 2 way floor monitors, each with at least 1-15" or 2-12" speakers, and a high frequency horn (EAW, TURBOSOUND, or JBL preferred).

8 - 1/3 octave graphic equalizers, 8 amplifiers with appropriate cabling.



E) STAGE GEAR: We realize that the exact gear specified may not be available at all locations, however, we have tried to be as generic as possible, requiring industry standard stage gear. Please make NO substitutions without PAPA's consent.


1- 6 piece drum kit (Yamaha or Pearl) consisting of the following:
1 - 22" bass drum;
2 - 5.5" x 14" snare drums;
1 - 10" rack power tom (on separate tall stand);
1 - 12" rack power tom (double mount on bass drum);
1 - 13" rack power tom (double mount on bass drum);
1 - 16" floor tom;
1 - 14" high hat (2 cymbals, heavy duty stand and pedal);
1 - 12" splash cymbal;
1 - 16" crash cymbal;
1 - 18" crash cymbal;
1 - 20" medium ride cymbal;
1 - Adjustable throne;
1 - Yamaha or Pearl double bass drum pedal.
All appropriate cymbal boom stands, pedals, and hardware. All heads must be in excellent condition.

2 - Yamaha DX-7 (or DX-7II FD) synthesizers;
1 -  Kurzweil PC88 digital stage piano (2nd choice: Korg SG1; 3rd choice Roland RD 500).
PAPA will bring keyboard mixer. Stereo keyboard mix goes to monitor mixes 7(L) and 8(R).

1 - Bass amp (Gallien Krueger 800 RB or Ampeg SVT-II) with 1x15" AND 4x10" spkrs.
4 - Guitar amplifiers - 3 Fender  DeVille and 1 Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus
     each with channel switching foot pedal switch.
4 - Guitar stands.

4 Fender Stratocaster guitars (prefer white), with guitar straps, and new strings.
1 Fender Jazz or Precision Bass (prefer white) with strap and new strings.

Synth modules, keyboard mixer and effects, pedals, wires, keyboard stand, keyboard seat, drum sticks,
and guitar tuner in 4-5 flight cases.

Please have the stage gear provider call Don Zirilli @ (408) 257-2533 , to confirm these requirements.


1 Kick Drum Desk boom Senn 421, RE 20, D112 5/6
2 Snare Drum Boom CS 15, SM 57 5/6
3 Hi Hat Boom SM 81, ATM 405, SM 57 5/6
4 Hi Rack Tom Boom Senn 421, D112, SM 57 5/6 3 O'clock
5 Mid Rack Tom Boom Senn 421, D112, SM 57 5/6 1 O'clock
6 Low Rack Tom Boom Senn 421, D112, SM 57 5/6 11 O'clock
7 Floor Tom Boom Senn 421, D112, SM 57 5/6 9 O'clock
8 Overhead L Boom SM 81, ATM 405, SM 57 Pan Left 5
9 Overhead R Boom SM 81, ATM 405, SM 57 Pan Right 6
10 Keyboard Vocal - Don Boom Beta 58 / SM 58 / SM 57 1/2
11 Bass Vocal - Jim Boom Beta 58 / SM 58 / SM 57 1/2
12 Rhythm Guit 1 Vocal - Adrian Boom Beta 58 / SM 58 / SM 57 1/2
13 Rhythm Guit 2 Vocal - Denny Boom Beta 58 / SM 58 / SM 57 1/2
14 Lead Guitar Vocal - Bobby Boom Beta 58 / SM 58 / SM 57 1/2
15 Drum Vocal - Bo Boom-Gooseneck Beta 58 / SM 58 / SM 57 1/2
16 DI Keyboards - Left   DI Pan Left 3
17 DI Keyboards - Right   DI Pan Right 4
18 DI Bass Guitar   DI 3/4
19 Rhythm Guitar 1 (Adrian) Boom SM57 / SM 58 3/4 3 O'clock
20 Rhythm Guitar 2 (Denny) Boom SM57 / SM 58 3/4 9 O'clock
21 Lead Guitar (Bobby G) Boom SM57 / SM 58 3/4 
22- 28 Open Channels (CD, Voice of God, etc.)    
29 EFX Return - Echo L   Left Echo 220ms @ 30% Pan L
30 EFX Return - Echo R   Right Echo 250 ms @ 30% Pan R
31 EFX Return - Reverb L   Left Reverb - Small Room Pan L
32 EFX Return - Reverb R   Right Reverb - Small Room Pan R


1. Vocal Left
2. Vocal Right
3. Instruments (keys, guitars, bass) Left
4. Instruments (keys, guitars, bass) Right
5. Drums Left
6. Drums Right
7. -
8. -


MIX 1. (KEYBOARD) Don: All vocals (100% Don, 90% others), all guitars, kick, snare, hat.
MIX 2. (BASS) Jim: All vocals (100% Jim, 90% others except keybd vocal 0%), kick. snare.
MIX 3. (RTHM GUIT) Adrian: All vocals (100% Adrian, 75% others), keyboards.
MIX 4. (RTHM GUIT) Denny: All vocals (100% Denny, 75% others), keyboards.
MIX 5. (LEAD GUIT) Bob: All vocals (50% Bob, 100% others, except bass voc 0%), keyboards, snare.
MIX 6. (DRUMS) Bo: All vocals, slight keyboards & guitars, all drums, heavy kick.
MIX 7. (KEYBOARD MIX LEFT). Left keyboards only. Flat EQ.
MIX 8. (KEYBOARD MIX RIGHT). Right keyboards only. Flat EQ.


40% instruments, 60% vocals, Heavy kick & snare, with lots of high end (4K), and low end (100Hz) on kick.
Small room reverb on snare and toms.
Digital delay (stereo echo) on all vocals (L: 220 ms @ 30% / R: 250 ms @ 30%)